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If you are not satisfied with the total of your hand, you may draw one or more cards, as long as you don't break, or go over 21. To call for a hit, either point at your cards or make a beckoning motion with your fingers. In the Nevada facedown game, scrape your two cards toward you on the felt to call for a hit. When the hit card breaks your hand, the dealer will automatically scoop up your bet and place your cards in the discard tray, as you have lost, even if the dealer subsequently breaks. If you break in the Nevada facedown game, just toss your two held cards to the dealer-face up.

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Now's Your Bankroll?
The only real money management you need as a poker player is to ensure that you maintain an adequate bankroll.
How large a bankroll you need depends on several factors: the type of game, the size of the game, how well you play, and how well your opponents play.
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