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How to Win

You must count cards to get an edge at Online Blackjack Games. But counting is not enough. A card counter has to be able to get away with it in a casino.

You probably are trying to win as much money at Online Blackjack Games as possible. You want to win as much per hour as possible, and you want to keep open the option of playing more hours.

One thing that is important is to develop your own style. Be a one of a kind. This forces casino bosses to figure out what you are doing by watching you in action, which gives you more playing time than if they know what you are doing before you win your first bet.

Every casino has employees who know that black-jack can be beaten, but very few casino people actually know how to beat the game. Playing Online Blackjack Games is a war in which the casino employees are the enemy, while you are a spy behind enemy lines who must hide your true identity at all times. Some of the enemy are on the lookout for card counters. They think that they know what a card counter looks like: The garden-variety card counter wins and does so with varying bet sizes. A person who exhibits this behavior is observed intently. When casino personnel are positive that they have spotted a card counter, they will take an action to your disadvantage, such as ordering the dealer to shuffle after every round.

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The Loose-Aggressive Player
The problem for the loose-aggressive player arrives when he doesn't catch above average cards because in most games, he will then get clobbered. He will invest large sums in multiple pots, but he doesn't get the vitally important "two ways to win." He won't often win with his bet. He can only win with his cards and he's involved with too many substandard ones.
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