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Pick Your Cards

Stumped? "Then how could you prefer one face-down card over another? And why in the world should the card you would have gotten be good for you, but bad for the player who actually ends up getting it because of the extra hand that was dealt? You get the same static from other players when somebody at the table decides to start playing two hands instead of one. or one instead of two. In all these cases. the order of the cards has been changed. But will it change them for the better, or for the worse??

When I play Online Blackjack Games. even if I knew exactly which cards were left in the shoe. I still wouldn't know their order. So I would never know- whether I preferred my own card, or the card of the player next to me. When I double down. it's because based on the overall odds, taking exactly one more blind card from all those that remain is likely to make me a winning hand. But I don't know whether the very next card is any more likely to do it for me than the one after it. In fact, I really wouldn't care if the cocktail waitress leaned over and pulled it out from the middle of the shoe! I left that superstition at the kitchen table when I was a kid.

Most serious Online Blackjack Games players object to the order of the cards being changed only when things are going well. And if they're losing, then they in fact want to change the cards around so as to break the dealer's "hot streak". This suggests that if you're winning, then the following cards in the shoe are stacked in your favor, and shouldn't be tampered with. But in reality, all it means is that the previous cards in the shoe were stacked in your favor.

An enlightening study on just this kind of "streakiness" was reported on in Stanford Wong's highly recommended website. Professional Online Blackjack Games. In that experiment, 20 million computer hands were run, recording the win/lose results for the player immediately following two consecutive wins, two consecutive losses, and every other possible two hand combination of wins, losses and ties. The results?

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Raise Him Out
If the player with the most money could win any pot by betting more than any opponent had, you wouldn't have much of a poker game. The player with the most money would win every hand. He'd be foolish not to do so and his opponents could never win, no matter what their cards. That silliness is carried to its extreme in the otherwise entertaining film "Big Hand for the Little Lady."
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