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Matter What You've

Also, bet six units at `56' or less -- but if it's `58' or more, regress to once unit. At the four deck mark, you'll take your final read on the shoe before playing the last couple of rounds. There, you need u count of `77' to bet four units. Bet sax units at `76' or less -- but if it's '78' or more, finish off the shoe betting one unit.

By updating your count at these two additional checkpoints (while maintaining the same entering and exiting strategy through the first two decks), your '/4% edge will improve to about 4/10%.

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The Psychological Side of Poker
You'll learn why honesty with yourself is a powerful weapon and why learning how to understand how your opponents think can be even more important than an illegal glance at their cards. Some of the hints you'll receive about reading body language and betting patterns will come close to being as dependable as that illegal glace, too! You'll also learn the classic poker personality archetypes and which are more successful than others.
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