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Income Tax

I have always advocated obeying the tax laws. I have declared Online Blackjack Games winnings as income for many years. There were several years that I even listed my occupation as "Online Blackjack Games player" on my 1040.

Here are some of the advantages I have noticed from being honest with the IRS. Most important is self respect. Tax evasion is a felony, and I could not respect myself if I committed a felony every 15 April. Related to that is the fact that I do not leave myself open to coercion. If anyone ever threatens me by saying, "I am going to tell the IRS all about you," my answer would be, "Go ahead. You can-not tell them anything they do not already know."

Another benefit of paying taxes is that I can spend money openly. I do not have money that I am trying to hide from the IRS. Every time I want a new car I go buy one - and I always write a check to cover the whole amount. There is no way I could have bought the house I live in (homes in La Jolla are not cheap) if I had been hiding my winnings instead of declaring them as income.This brings up another benefit - I was able to qualify for a mortgage on my house based on my expected Online Blackjack Games winnings, but only because I had a history of Online Blackjack Games winnings on my past tax forms to show to prospective lenders.

I agree that the IRS treatment of gambling wins is not fair. I do not like the IRS sharing in my wins if I win for the year, but not sharing in my losses if I lose for the year.I would like to be able to carry gambling losses over to other years. However, my attitude is that I can live with the law. I have accepted the fact that I have a partner - the IRS - who takes a large part of what I earn. I treat as mine to spend only the part that the IRS does not take. I pay a lot of taxes, but I still manage to live comfortably.

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