The Culbertson Strategy

Below is a sampling of the strategy espoused by the Culbertson team, as reported by the Baldwin group.

Hitting and standing: Stand on 14 or more if the dealer's upcard is 6 or less. Stand on 16 or more with a dealer upcard of 7 or more. Stand on all soft totals of 18 or more.

Splitting: Only split aces.
Doubling down: Never double down

What About Moving Down?
? It can take a long time at a lower limit to build your bankroll back up to where you can play comfortably at the higher limit. If you lost your money playing $40-80 and didn't back off in time to slow to $20-40, it can take a long time at $5-10 to work up enough money to play in your old game again. If things start going badly, consider applying the brakes before you have to play at such a low limit that it will either take years to build up a sufficient bankroll for bigger play, or you have to dip into non poker capital to give it a try.
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