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Taking Insurance, aka "even money" when you have a Online Blackjack Games has already been discussed in great detail. Don't take it! But what about at other times? The answer is -- you should practically never take it! Why not? Because Insurance is basically a bad bet all the way around (remember the Basic Principle of Profitable Gambling).

For every 13 times the dealer has an Ace up, she'll have a 10 in the hole just about 4 times. If you made a $5 Insurance bet on 13 different hands when the dealer had an Ace up and she had Online Blackjack Games 4 times, you'd win 4 Insurance bets at $10 each (2-to-9 payoff odds). Then you'd lose $5 the other 9 times for a $5 net loss on the 13 Insurance bets combined. This is just a small cross-section of what would happen in the long run for all times you took Insurance.

"But what about protecting my hand?", you ask. What makes you think you can protect your hand? You've got to get that kind of thinking out of your head! Now, read this next statement twice;

Now's Your Bankroll?
The loss of your bankroll is ruinous not just because of the money you have lost, but because it keeps you out of action, and leaves you unable to make later winning bets.

In general, the better you play, the smaller the bankroll you need. For most games, authorities recommend a bankroll of somewhere around 300-400 big bets for winning players. Your bankroll needs to be larger for Seven-card stud than for hold'em because seven stud has more betting rounds and more situations wherein "chasing" is correct. This leads to larger fluctuations.
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