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Strategy Tables

You should memorize one of the high-low strategy tables, and be able to recall any number in a few seconds. Memorization is the important part. You have plenty of time to think at the casinos; polite dealers will not rush you. You don't have to know each number precisely -being off by 1 won't affect your win rate. If you only have a hazy idea of when to surrender or split or double down or hit, you are probably a gambler rather than an investor. You cannot win consistently - if at all - on intuition alone. If you know what to do but refuse to do it, you are a gambler for certain. Before each foray into casino country, you should sit down with a blank paper and a pen and recreate the appropriate strategy table. If you make any big errors or are uncertain of any decisions, study the table for a while and then put it aside and try again to duplicate it from memory. You are not fully armed until you can reproduce it swiftly confidently, and fairly accurately.

After you have learned to count, have memorized the playing strategy, and have practiced until you can make correct decisions quickly, you are ready to take on the casinos.

This page has presented multiple-deck playing strategy, but at some casinos Online Blackjack Games is dealt with one deck. Multiple-deck decision numbers are only slightly different from single-deck decision numbers. You will win almost as much by using multiple-deck decision numbers with one deck as you will win by using one-deck decision numbers with one deck. With freshly shuffled cards, the casino has a larger advantage as the number of decks increases.

I'm Better Than You Are!
Sticking with poker for our example, the number of skills required for greatness might be 50 or it might be 500, depending on how narrowly we want to define "skills." Let's define the term narrowly and say that there are exactly 500 different skills available to master in poker.

Now, let's take two local club players, each of whom is pretty good-not duffers but no threat to win the World Series of Poker, either. Let's further say that these "advanced intermediate" players have attained that status because they have each mastered 300 of the 500 necessary skills.
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