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Table 1 does not show insurance. Basic strategy says never take insurance. Even if you have a natural, you are better off not insuring it: You are better off winning 3:2 most of the time than winning even money for sure.

If you have a natural yourself, insurance gives you a sure winner (and thus is sometimes called "even money") but you still should not buy it; you are ahead in the long run taking a chance on a push or winning 150% of your bet. You should take chances when the odds favor you. Maybe 150 % and maybe 0 % is better than a certain 100 % when the 150 % occurs more than two-thirds of the time. If you remove your 10-ace and the dealer's ace from one deck, 49 cards are left, each of which is equally likely to be the hole card. Fifteen of the 49 cards will give the dealer a natural, and the other 34 will give the dealer a lesser hand. Not insuring your natural results in your winning 150% of your bet 34 times and pushing 15 times, out of 49 total. This averages out to winning 104% of your bet by not insuring. Would you rather win 104% of your bet on average or 100% for certain? The professional Online Blackjack Games player would go for the 104% because it makes more money in the long run. Multiple-deck calculations are similar and yield the same advice: Do not buy insurance.

An exception is if you are using a coupon. If an insurance bet protects the coupon as well as the bet, as generally is the case, then always insure a coupon.

Stop and Go "Fish"
Life, as you have already learned, is one long session and by advocating a strategy that requires stopping and leaving when winning or losing regardless of the circumstances, a speaker proves that he hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about. The game doesn't go away when you get up from the table; it's still there when you get back and has no idea that you took a break.
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