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When a player has a Online Blackjack Games, insurance works as follows: Suppose you wagered $10 and received a Online Blackjack Games. The dealer's upcard is an ace. You decide to make a $5 insurance bet. If the dealer doesn't have a Online Blackjack Games himself, he collects the $5 as a losing bet, but pays you off at 3-2 or $15 for your $10 original bet. Your net gain is $10.

If the dealer had a Online Blackjack Games, you would be paid $10 for your $5 insurance bet, but since both you and the dealer have Online Blackjack Games, the original bet is a standoff. The net gain here is $10. So either way, once you insure your Online Blackjack Games, you are assured of winning your original bet.

Because of this fact, dealers, floormen, and other casino personnel are always advising players to insure their Online Blackjack Games, telling them they're foolish not to, since ~hey can't lose their bet. They point out that should the player not take insurance and the dealer shows a Online Blackjack Games, the bet is a standoff, and the player would win nothing on his original wager. However, this kind of reasoning is fallacious.

You should never insure a Online Blackjack Games unless you're counting cards and the deck is favorable-that is, 10-rich. We'll deal with 10-rich decks in the section on card counting, but for now the rule is: Don't insure a Online Blackjack Games and don't make an insurance bet unless you know the count. Most of the time the odds will be against you on an insurance bet. Here's why:

Let's assume that you are playing alone at a table, head to head with the dealer in a single-deck games. On the very first round of play you're dealt a Online Blackjack Games ace, 10. The dealer shows an ace and asks if you want insurance. Should you make an insurance bet? Absolutely not!

Is a Winner a Great Player?
It depends. Someone who beats $2-4 games for one big bet an hour could be a terrible player if he's playing against an even weaker ~ group. If you can beat $15-30 for one big bet an hour, you're a good $15-30 player, but until you prove otherwise, you can expect to get chewed up at $200400 (and a good $15-30 home player might get slaughtered in casinos~. Before you label your play, either consider against whom you're earning your reputation, or use a narrow label ("I'm a winning $2-4 player").
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