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Insurance and Betting Effects

To practice this, let's find the insurance expectation when the dealer's ace and three other non-tens are removed from the deck. we adjust the full deck mean of -7.69 by

51/48(1.81+1.81+1.81+1.81)= 7.69

and the expectation for the insurance bet is exactly zero, as it should be for a 48 card deck containing 16 tens.

The corresponding effects of removing cards from two or four decks are very nearly one half or one fourth, respectively, of the single deck figures in the table, and if n cards are removed our extra factors become 103/(104-n) and 207/(208-n) respectively. The full deck expectations for basic strategy are different, hoiver, and this is discussed in page 8.[A,B]

A Style Summary
Although your personality may dictate how you play at first, hopefully what you've read here will help you change your approach. Ranking the styles from most effective to least, they are:

1. Tight-aggressive (best by far)

2a. Loose-aggressive (Near tie: wins more on good days, loses more on bad days; whether better or worse than T -P depends much on opponent styles and cards. Also depends on just how loose and how aggressive. Better in tournaments, worse in money games.)

2b. Tight-passive (Near tie: smaller upside, smaller downside; whether better or worse than L-A depends much on opponent styles and cards. Also depends on just how tight and how passive. Worse in tournaments, better in money games.)

3. Loose-passive (worst by far)
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