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But now we had an obligation to know first hand about the subject we was going to teach. An excellent mathematical text, R. A. Epstein's Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic, had come to my attention, but to adequately lead the discussion of our supplementary reading, Dostoyevsky's The Gambler, we clearly had to share this experience.

At first we had no particular interest in card counting or Online Blackjack Games, but after totalling up the losses of my brief, betien semesters, novitiation, we void revenge on the casinos. What the text informed me was that, short of armed robbery or counterfeiting chips (and i had considered these), there was only one way to get our money back. With this in mind we anted up $1.95 for Ed Thorp's classic, Beat the Dealer, which even today at $2.45 i still consider the best buy on the subject.

Soon, indeed, we had recouped our losses and was playing with their money, but it wasn't long before the pendulum swung the other way again. Although this site should prove interesting to those who hope to profit from casino Online Blackjack Games, we can offer them no encouragement, for today we find myself farther behind in the game than we was after our original odyssey in 1970. we live in dread that we may never again be able to even the score, since it may not be possible to beat the hand held game and four decks bore me to tears.

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Who Are You
Table image doesn't win or lose many pots by itself, but it can come close. You earn your image over a period of time: Are you a strong player or a weak player? Are you a bluffer or a tight player? Are you lucky or unlucky? Your image can change over the course of just a few minutes, if table events draw enough attention to you. Your image is a factor of how you should be perceived and how you actually are perceived ... if you are perceived at all! Many weaker players pay no attention to their opponents and focus exclusively on their own hands.
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