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Leaving and Coming Back

By now you may be thinking to yourself, "What's he telling me, don't gamble?" No, I'm not! What I am saying is, don't be deluded into believing you can win with irrelevant tactics.

Just understand that if you're basically a losing player, you're always more likely to lose than win whether it's right now or tomorrow. There's simply no other day on the calendar where you can escape that. The only way to become a sustained winner at any form of gambling is to be betting the long end of the stick. That means having a legitimate outright advantage. I'm sorry, but;

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A Great Player Plays the Same When He's Losing as When He's Winning
Another way to turn around a losing streak is to play at a different cardroom, particularly if you now patronize one cardroom almost exclusively. The new venue may force you to be more observant and probably play better. Maybe you've fallen into bad habits and play on autopilot. Maybe you have a tell that it will take new opponents a while to learn. If your opponents don't know you and aren't aware you're doing poorly, they may play uninspired poker against you. That may be all it takes.
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