January 1980

The Treasury in Las Vegas had an advertising give-away called "Catch 22." You got a special card from the casino cage, hotel desk, or a floorman, and this card gave you a push on 22. The limit was one per day. If you doubled down on twelve and busted, the Catch 22 card saved your entire bet. You kept the card until you needed it; i.e. you did not turn it in until you wanted to save your bet on a twenty-two. This card was worth 100% of a bet, slightly more if you doubled down on twelve against 2 through 6. The maximum bet was $200.

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Selecting and Changing Your Seat
The process of changing seats differs widely among cardrooms. In some, particularly smaller clubs, if a seat opens up, whoever gets there first gets the seat. Sometimes players claim seats by tossing chips to the empty seat. In such case, the player first to throw a chip gets the seat.
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