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June 1982

Landmark in Las Vegas offered a liberal game on one table only, and from 11 AM to 7 PM only. The maximum bet for this special table was $25. On this one table, Land mark inserted three jokers into the five-deck shoe. The joker had no effect on the dealer's hand, but if you got a joker and happened to win the hand, you won double the normal amount. The joker did not add points to your hand. For example, a three-card hand of joker-ace-10 paid 3:1 instead of the normal one and a half. This rule was worth about 1.3%, giving you an edge of about 0.8% right after a shuffle.

Originally it was five jokers per five-deck shoe, and originally it lasted until 3 Am.

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Projecting Your Values onto Other Players
In poker terms, that means that
- Frequent bluffers tend to think other players bluff frequently (and so call people down with weak hands).
- Tight players tend to think other players are also tight (and so lay down hands to raises).
- Aggressive players tend to think their opponents are also aggressive (and don't respect re-raises).
- Competent players tend to think other players are competent (and so often give opponent plays more respect than they deserve).
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