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Kelly Criterion insurance

What was the pit's reaction? Unknown to J, his deliberate style of play had long ago caught the attention of counter catcher Abram Carter who had been using the Roberts' ten count to case the shoe from the catwalk. Carter, assigning -2 to each ten and +1 to all the non-tens, had a running count of 204 and, although he was oblivious to the ace-richness of the 100 remaining cards, he knew that insurance was not warranted until the running count exceeded 208 in a 52 deck game. Consequently he signaled the pit that J had taken a sucker insurance bet and that they should comp the rest of his stay in hopes that they could get their money back. As a result, Jay's logarithm grew unboundedly ever after.

Since it may come as a surprise to many who believe in optimal proportional betting that they should occasionally take negative expectation insurance bets, a few guidelines are in order. A Kelly bettor should consider insuring at least a portion of his Online Blackjack Games against a dealer's ace if p, the proportion of unplayed tens in the deck, exceeds 1/3(l+f), where f is the fraction of capital the player has bet. Note that this fraction is somewhat less than 1/3, which is the critical fraction for card counters trying to maximize their expected ialth rather than, as the Kelly criterion decrees, optimizing the average logarithm of their ialth.

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Perilous Play
Until you put in a lot of hours, you don't know if you're winning because you're good or because you're lucky. Maybe it's some of both, but short-term luck can cause you to think you're a better player than you really are.

If you don't have a lot of discretionary capital to devote to poker, start low and stay low until you start winning so you're not just throwing money away. Play at the lowest level that gets your attention. If you enjoy winning at $3-$6, there is no need to play $10-$20 just because you're rich. Succeed at one level before moving up, because even most wealthy people prefer winning moderate amounts at small stakes to losing large amounts at high stakes.
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