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Las Vegas Strip

However, if a player splits aces, he can only receive one more card on each ace after splitting them.

These are standard rules in all Strip casinos, making it the most liberal place in America to play Online Blackjack Games.
There are even more liberal rules available, applicable in certain casinos. At times we'll mention the names of individual casinos, but rules change rapidly, and you should always inquire about the rules of the particular club you're playing in.

-- Surrender is allowed. This means that the player may, if he doesn't care to play out his hand, surrender his hand and give up half his bet as a lost bet. He may do this only on the original first two cards dealt. Once a hand is drawn to, it cannot be surrendered.

This rule is allowed in several casinos, such as the Dunes, Caesars Palace, and the Aladdin. Some casinos display a printed notice at each table that surrender is allowed; others don't. A player has to inquire about this rule, for many times, even if it's allowed, there is nothing on the table to suggest that it's permitted.

The surrender option is definitely to the advantage of a player, especially if he's counting cards. When a deck is super favorable for him, which means that there are many 10s and aces remaining in the deck, and he's dealt 10, 6 while the dealer shows a 10 as his up card, surrender could be quite profitable. With favorable situations, the card counter will have a large bet out. In this situation, he's doomed. If he hits, he'll probably bust. If he stands, the dealer will almost certainly have a hand above 17. So, instead of losing his entire bet, the player can surrender his 16 and lose only half his bet.

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Before you bother spending much more time with this chapter, ask yourself if you're willing to reexamine old assumptions or beliefs you have about both yourself and the way the world works. If the answer is yes, please keep reading. If the answer is no, you might do well to abandon the idea of playing poker for all but the lowest stakes because the odds of your succeeding aren't great.
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