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There are several other instances where surrender is a valuable option, but they'll be dealt with in the section on surrender.

-- After splitting cards, a player, when he receives another card on either hand, can then double down. For example, suppose that a player splits a pair of 8s, which is a smart play. And suppose that he receives a 3 on the first 8 for a total of 11. He would then be able to double down that hand, a very valuable option.

This rule is featured at several of the Strip casinos that have multiple-deck games, such as Bally's and Caesars Palace.
-- More and more of the Strip casinos do not permit their dealers to peek at the hole card until all the players have acted on their hands first. In some casinos the dealer does not get a second card until all the players have acted first. In other words, an up card is dealt for all the players to see, then the dealer deals himself another card after play is through, and acts upon his own hand.

In either case the casino is eliminating a problem area for itself. When a dealer is forced to peek at his or her hole card if the up card is an ace or ten, two things can happen that might hurt the casino. First, the dealer may inadvertently disclose a "tell," or give away the value of that card by taking a long look at a four, for example, which resembles an ace in markings. Or an inexperienced or sloppy dealer may show the hole card to a player sitting at either end of the table, usually in the first seat. And there are instances where the dealer, in collusion with a player, will disclose the value of the hole card to his agent by some sort of hidden signal.

For the above reasons, the casino prefers that the dealer not receive a second card or not peek at his or her second card, the hole card.

It should now be assumed that the vast majority of casinos on the Strip do not permit their dealers to peek at the hole card.

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Tells is an umbrella term for a large group of physical gestures or comments that give away more information than you intend. Someone who invariably holds his breath when bluffing has a tell, as does someone who gently slides his chips into a pot when he has a big hand. A truly reliable tell is worth its weight in gold; it's so valuable, in fact, that you probably should not expect your friends to inform you if they have one on you.
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