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Las Vegas Strip

When we refer to the Strip, we mean the luxurious and ornate edifices that are known the world over, such as Caesars Palace, the Tropicana, and Bally's. The biggest Online Blackjack Games games in Nevada are played on the Strip. After we discuss the general rules prevailing, we'll discuss individual casinos and their particular rules.

-- The dealer must stand on all 17s. This means that no matter what 17 he holds, whether hard (10, 7) or soft (ace, 6), he cannot draw another card. This rule is to the advantage of the player.

-- Insurance pays 2-1, and a player may bet half his original bet as an insurance bet. Although this bet is bad most of the time, there are situations where insurance is to the advantage of the player.

-- A player may double down on any two cards he's dealt; that is, double his original bet. He then receives only one additional card from the dealer. This is a standard rule throughout Vegas and is definitely to the player's advantage, giving him more opportunities to double his bet than the more restrictive rules-prevalent in Northern Nevada-of doubling down only on 10s and 11s.

-- A player may split any two cards of the same value and bet an amount equal to his original wager on the split card. If he receives a card identical to the split cards, he may split that card also. After splitting his cards, he may play out each hand separately, hitting as many times as he wishes. All face cards are considered as 10s and may be split. For example, a queen, 10 may be split.

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Other Ways to Be Your Own Worst Enemy
If you take the time to study yourself and learn your strengths and weaknesses, remain honest about both, try to avoid situations where you know you're weak and seek out situations where you know you're strong, you're quite naturally going to perform better.

Every opponent you face at the poker table will try to take your money, but it's impossible for them to take it as fast as you can give it to them. Study yourself with brutal honesty, try to improve where you need improving, don't beat yourself up for playing less than perfectly your first time out, and pretty soon you'll find that you won't lose. Sometimes you'll get beaten, but you won't lose and there's a huge difference in those two conditions.
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