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Late Surrender

Late surrender (when available) is another option that can be used to good advantage. As a reminder, late surrender is an option by which you may forfeit half of your wager before playing out a bad hand, so long as the dealer does not have a natural. Surrender, when proper, takes precedence over all other possible options.

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Your Other Opponents
Certain personality traits tend to be good predictors of certain styles of play. If someone is talking about himself, he may provide you with personality clues that teach you about his poker even faster than his actual poker play does.

If someone is an "action guy" away from the poker tables, he's probably a loose player at the tables. Loose players stay in on the action in part because they can't stand being left out. Lord help the friend who doesn't invite the action guy to a parry that he got invited to by a friend of a friend. He's probably an extrovert because if he were comfortable in his own head and with his own thoughts, he wouldn't need so much involvement with other people.
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