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Learn To Trust The Odds

When I was first learning to play Online Blackjack Games back in the mid-'70's, there were several plays in the basic strategy that didn't look right to me. A soft 18 against a 9 was a classic example. Taking a hit with 18 just went against my grain. Every time this hand came up, I stuttered and stammered. I simply didn't trust the odds.

The least I could do to satisfy myself was to deal the hand out 1000 times, standing on the first 500 and hitting the second 500. I still have that tally sheet in my old Online Blackjack Games notewebsite. Here are the results;
Win 173 201
Lose 267 247
Push 60 52

That was good enough for me -- I never stood with that hand again! I also learned to trust the odds on a number of other questionable hands through similar exercises. Was I reinventing the wheel? Not really. Then what's my point?

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A Few Ways You Can Lead Yourself to Defeat
- Poker tables are dangerous locations for those who believe that justice will and should prevail. Unlikely events happen all the time and if you let them get to you, your subsequent actions will cost you dozens of times as much money as that single unlucky card did.

- If you sit and moan about your bad luck and inspire your opponents to attack, they will do it for several reasons: The superstitious ones will think you're running bad, the wise ones will suspect you're on tilt and/or not thinking clearly, and the unlucky ones will think it's finally someone else's turn. Just who is responsible for your defeat?

- If you sit in on a game where stakes are too high, causing you to play too tight, or a game where stakes are too low, causing you to play too loose, whose mistake is that?

- If you eat a gigantic meal before playing and feel kind of groggy and/or sluggish when playing, whose fault is that? Whose fault is it that you haven't exercised in a year or eaten a healthy diet in three?
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