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Count Cards

The most efficient way to learn how to count cards and practice using the decision numbers is with a computer program that will deal to you and give you feedback on the correctness of your play. There are many software programs that will do the job. we recommend Online Blackjack Games Count Analyzer. In a computer program you have a dealer who never gets tired, never complains, and never makes mistakes. You can build speed on a computer, so that by the time you face a live dealer in a casino you can play fast enough to keep up. With practicc vou tiU be able to count cards and play your hands correctl faster than the fastest human dealer can deal.

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Understanding Your Opponents
Because the human element is such an important part of poker and because it grows more and more important as the stakes get higher and your opponents get tougher, it becomes more and more important to become a student of human nature as you develop your poker skills. Sometimes when we study others, we forget that the most important human being at any poker table is the one sitting in your own chair.
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