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Turn a Profit

Don't forget that when you play strict basic strategy the shoe is continuously growing richer and leaner too -- but you still keep playing your hands as though the shoe is the same as it was at the start. The thing to understand about this concept is; whatever the shoe is right now has become the new norm, and things will tend to centralize themselves around that the rest of the way.

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Wrap Around Straight Draw
In Omaha, a situation in which your four hole cards consist of three or four closely connected cards. In turn they combine with two flopped cards to create a situation where any of a large number of cards can give you a straight. Depending on the precise configuration, you can have as many as 17 outs to a wrap. For example, with a K-10-8 flop and Q J-10-9 in your hand, you can make a straight with an ace (use your Q J), a queen (use your J-9), a jack (use your Q-9), a nine (use your Q -J) or a seven (use your J-9). There are four aces and four sevens left in this configuration (eight outs), and three queens, jacks, and nines (nine outs, for a total of seventeen). Other "large number of outs" configurations are also called wraps.
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