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Because all card-counting systems require bet variation and strategy adjustments that are very similar, it really doesn't matter which particular system the player uses or the supervisor knows. If a casino boss is proficient and watches your play long enough, he will probably be able to tell whether or not you're counting.

For this reason, many counters "cool it" if the pit boss comes over to watch. They begin flat-betting (making the same bet regardless of the count) and in many cases revert to playing basic strategy only. This continues until the pit boss leaves to go hound another player. Unfortunately, it's hard (and unnatural) to be constantly on the lookout for floor personnel while playing; while one pit boss is leaving, there may be another right behind you still watching.

In some casinos, a suspicious pit boss may initiate countermeasures on his own. At other places, he may call a buddy over and they may both stare you down for a while. This "heat" is designed to unnerve card counters and is remarkably effective. At larger establishments, roving expert counters are sometimes employed and called upon to evaluate the skill of a player who is suspected by the pit. The expert may be brought into the pit to observe the player for 15 to 30 minutes before rendering judgment.

Other high-end casinos employ even more sophisticated means. There is now card-counting software that allows surveillance staff to input, by voice, a player's wagers, cards, and strategic decisions. The program then rates each player by estimating the player's expectation.

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By Shifting Gears You Instill Fears
What skilled players fear more than anything except perhaps a horrific run of cards is an opponent whose style makes him unpredictable. Poker is a game of incomplete information and if you're predictable, information about your hand isn't very incomplete.
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