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Since Online Blackjack Games is one of the few casino games that's potentially beatable, casinos instruct pit personnel to watch for card counters. In principle, the pit can identify counters by counting the cards themselves. More often, though, they rely on other "tells" to determine if players are counting. To deflect this, good counters throw curves by acting naive, making erratic plays (known as "cover plays"), and otherwise behaving contrary to what's expected from the stereotypical nerdy counter. As such, the life of a card counter consists of an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with casino personnel. The card counter is attempting to portray himself as unworthy of attention, while the pit boss is looking for anyone who appears to be too proficient. Let's take a look at what we're up against.

The casino takes two primary steps in dealing with card counters: identification and action. In our opinion, counters should strive to avoid identification, since after they've been spotted, it's usually all she wrote. The most profitable time for a card counter is before he has been identified, or even suspected. After identifying you, the casino will take countermeasures to thwart your effectiveness.

Many pit supervisors actually do know how to count. This is not true of all of them, but even those who don't count are aware of certain clues, the tell-tale mannerisms that card counters typically exhibit, including large bet variation, efforts to see every card, and deep concentration. Other subtler tells include taking insurance only with a big bet out (there is a high correlation), never making a bi- bet off the top of a new deck, never drinking, and never tipping the dealer.

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Now to Use Poker Books
Assuming you actually do read your books, the real key is to read actively, not passively. If a hand is described, don't just nod your head and sagely agree that you'd have made the same decisions. Cover over the text to come and see if you can anticipate the next step or the right move, and if you didn't, read back through to see if you understand why you made the wrong choice.
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