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High Up-Card
In the previous section, a high dealer up-card was shown to cause a tendency for 10s to clump. If the dealer shows a high up-card in a high percentage of rounds in a shoe, 10s will tend to become concentrated into solid clumps in the next shoe-a dealer-favorable situation. Not only will players tend to be losing, they will tend to lost in the next shoe. A relatively rare exception to this is if all the players have stiffs and break. In this case, the 10s are not sifted into solid clumps but form a large break-card clump.

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Is Internet Poker Legal?
Yes. No. Maybe. Yes in some countries, no in others. Yes in some states, no in others. Yes today, no tomorrow. No today, yes tomorrow.

Who knows? Only The Shadow knows and he's not talking.

Although you can run into quite intelligent people who will take absolutely contrary positions on this issue, a more reasonable person would probably acknowledge that the United States Constitution, and indeed most of the law passed since, was not written with the Internet in mind. Therefore, before anyone can be absolutely certain about much of anything, an entirely new body of law will have to develop.
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