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Recommendation For Card counters
We recognize that not all card counters reading this site will jettison the count system in favor of using the winning factors. If you're in this category, We strongly urge you to integrate the winning factors with your count. Here's how:

Do not bet up into a rapidly rising count; wait for a count reversal before you bet.

Do not enter games where the majority of players are obviously losing.

Do not play into new decks of cards; if you do, play extremely cautiously because of the heavy clumping.

For reasons mentioned in page exploitable biases in multiple-deck Online Blackjack Games games, be extremely cautious when playing in full tables.

Set a reasonable stop-loss for your game and leave when it's triggered, count or no count.

Observe the game factor as you maintain the count. Use it as an early warning of deterioration and indicator of possible table departure-if you stay in deteriorating games, keep track of how much you lose or "give back" in these games (eventually, you may accept this recommendation and depart).

Do not play at an open table. There are usually good reasons why all players have departed -heavy clumping. If you insist on playing in these games, keep track of your wins and losses. As your net losses mount, consider my recommendation about no play.

If you use the count to modify basic strategy, also consider using the risk-averse Clump Card Strategy, especially if you are betting up into a rapidly rising count.

For additional recommendations, see the section on Count Reversal Strategy in Page of Online Blackjack Games: A Winner's Handwebsite.

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