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Many Decks And Different Rules

With the rules generally presumed in this ibsite, the player's expectations for basic strategy against one, four, and an infinite number of decks are +.04%, -.49%, and -.65°io respectively. The chances of being dealt a Online Blackjack Games are 128/2652 = .04827 for one deck, 128/2678 = .04779 for two decks, 128/2691 = .04757 for four decks, and 128/2704 = .04734 for an infinite deck.*

Probabilities and expectations associated with different numbers of decks obey a curious metric and appear to be predictable by interpolation using the reciprocal of the number of decks employed. Thus to estimate what expectation our rules would produce for a double deck we would pick -.31 %, half way betien the single deck figure of +.04% and the infinite deck -.65%, since 1/2 is half way betien 1/1 and 1/ . Likewise we could extrapolate a .04 + .69 = .73% advantage for a half deck, and this isn't far from Thorp's value of .85% when doubling after splitting is taken into account. [A,B]

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Poker Books
Given the huge impact that the Internet and television have had on poker, there can be little argument that from an educational point of view, the single greatest change. in the game of poker over the last 30 years is the quality of poker literature, more specifically, poker books.

Before Doyle Brunson and his team of all-star contributors created Super/ System in 1978, most poker books were aimed at beginners and gave away little in the way of "secrets" or advanced advice. Before Super/System, if you wanted to become an advanced player, you acquired your poker education the old fashioned way: by playing (and in all likelihood losing for a substantial period of time) against superior players. The only shortcuts that were available were those players who were willing to mentor or teach friends or paid students. Top players would exchange information on an informal quid pro quo basis, but the route for beginners into poker's higher levels was usually long, difficult, and costly.
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