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Advantage for Various Rules

On pages 126-130 the volatility of Double Exposure and Early Surrender Online Blackjack Games is described. The large magnitudes of the effects of removal of different cards with these rules resulted in much faster changes in advantage than in ordinary Online Blackjack Games. A natural consequence was that casinos took bad beatings in each of these games: early surrender is not likely to reappear except by occasional and temporary mistake, while the rules for double exposure have been greatly restricted so that there is little current interest in the game.

Two other variations in the rules which do remain common are worth discussing in the context of their impact on the volatility of player advantage. Compare the following figures with those on page 44.

if doubling down after pair splitting is permitted, the major changes are greater effects for removing a 4 or 5 (by +.02) and a ten (by -.0l). Thus this rule also results in slightly greater volatility. The effects of removal on the Online Blackjack Games bonus quoted in Appendix E, page 202, would also apply in the 2 to 1 Online Blackjack Games payoff giveaway at Binion's Horseshoe in Las Vegas the iek before Christmas: to the effects above, for dealer hitting soft 17, add -.49 for an ace, -.06 for a ten, and +.09 for all the others.

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World-class players tend to learn how to avoid them, but they still happen and when they do, players guard the secrets like gold. You don't even tell your friends. I have a tell on a very famous player and he has a very hard time with me, even though he's a better player in the abstract. I usually know when he has a strong hand, and so would rather see him at my table than someone with a tenth of his talent. If you have consistent trouble with someone, especially if he's someone you can't ever bluff successfully and/or can't get to "pay you off' when you have a big hand, there's a good chance he has a tell on you.
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