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Las Vegas Rules

Las Vegas is really two cities in one as far as gambling is concerned. There is the Strip, the area of Las Vegas Boulevard South that runs from Sahara Avenue up to the Tropicana Hotel and includes hotels near that boulevard, such as Bally's and Caesars Palace. The Strip also includes the Las Vegas Hilton, which is on Paradise Road, about a quarter of a mile from the Strip. In other words, all hotels south of Sahara Avenue are lumped together as Strip hotels.

Then there is the downtown section, the center of which is Fremont Street. At the intersection of Fremont and Casino Center is the Fremont, Horseshoe, Four Queens, and the Golden Nugget. Other hotels and/or clubs run north and south on Fremont Street, ending with the Union Plaza at the intersection of Main and Fremont streets. Still other hotel casinos are on side streets, such as the Lady Luck on Ogden Street. All of this area is lumped together as the downtown section. The rules differ from club to club downtown, just as they differ from casino to casino on the Strip. However, there are some basic rules that generally prevail and we'll start with these.

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Betting Patterns
Tells are physical clues. They seem glamorous and like real inside secrets, so players spend a lot of time looking for them. Every once in a while, that study pays off. Although world class players rarely display the more common tells, almost any action, sound, or motion (or the lack thereof) can be a tell if you use it in only certain situations.
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