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Northern Nevada Rule

--The following are fairly standard rules in both Lake Tahoe and Reno:
-- A dealer must hit soft 17s.
-- A player can only double down on 10s and 11 s. -- Insurance pays 2-1.
-- A player may split any two matched cards, including 10-value cards and play out each hand separately. If he splits aces, he can only draw one additional card on each ace.

There are very few variations on these rules. Some casinos in Reno follow Las Vegas rules to an extent, allowing any two cards dealt to be doubled down, but the rules stated above are fairly rigid in Northern Nevada.

In Reno it's possible to find casinos that don't offer insurance. When insurance is not allowed, it's a definite disadvantage to the player.

The Northern Nevada rules are disadvantageous to the player, for the restrictions on doubling down and the dealer's hitting of soft 17s both are in the casino's favor.

In the Northern Nevada casinos, which includes not only Reno and Lake Tahoe but Sparks and Carson City, the dealer will always peek at his hole card when he has dealt himself an up card of a 10-value or ace to determine immediately if he has a Online Blackjack Games.

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