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Northern Nevada Rule

Let's further investigate peeking or not peeking at the hole card by the dealer. The reason for peeking is obvious. If a dealer's up card is a 10-value card or an ace, he may be holding a Online Blackjack Games, which makes it fruitless for the players at the table to continue to act upon their hands by drawing cards, splitting hands, or doubling down.

However, the casinos recognize that security is more important than this factor, and if players have already split their hands or doubled down, thus putting out more money or chips on the table, and the dealer discovers that he indeed has a Online Blackjack Games after all players have acted, then the additional bets made by the players will be returned to them. Only the original underlying bet is lost.

For example, a player bets $10, and receives an 11 and doubles down by putting out an additional $10. If the dealer discovers that he has a Online Blackjack Games, then the additional $10 on the double-down bet will be returned to the player, and he will have lost only $10.

Since casinos permit insurance bets, in which the player wagers up to half his original bet that the dealer has a Online Blackjack Games, this bet is kept on the table until the dealer finally peeks at his hole card. If he has a Online Blackjack Games, he'll pay off the bet at 2-1. If he doesn't have a Online Blackjack Games, he'll collect the wager as a losing bet.

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To Catch a Thief
This move used to be more common in draw games, but it can still happen in hold'em and seven-card stud. A held-out card is more likely to be hidden in the cheat's lap or under the table. Have you stared at your opponent's lap lately? Didn't think so.

Wherever he hides the card (or cards), though, the cheat needs to do three things: remove the card from play, introduce it back again at the opportune moment, and clean up (get rid of the extra cards) at the end.
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