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Many Decks And Different Rules

What is it about the multiple deck which makes it inherently less favorable? To begin with, almost half of the .69% difference in expectation betien one deck and many decks can be traced to the fact that the favorability of doubling down is reduced from 1.59% for one deck to 1.34°io for the infinite deck. The double down pair often contains two cards the player does not wish to draw and their removal significantly improves the chance of a good hand from one deck but is negligible otherwise. A good example of this is doubling nine against a deuce; our chance of drawing a ten (or the dealer having one underneath his 2) is 16/49 = .326 for one deck but only 64/205 _ .312 for four decks, where the double is a very marginal play.

Of the unexplained .44% remaining difference in expectation, .07% can be attributed to the bonus paid the player for uncontested blackjacks, but the multiple deck player appears to make that up by more frequent pair splitting activity. Presumably the remaining discrepancy reflects the player's gain by judicious standing with stiff totals. For example, standing with (7,6) v 4 is about 12% better than hitting it in one deck, but less than an 8% improvement in the four deck game. A stiff hand usually contains at least one card, and often several, which would help the dealer's up cards of two through six, against which this option is exercised, and the favorable effect of their removal (i.e. their appearance in the player's hand) is dampened in the multiple deck game.

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An important aspect of the ante structure is the size of the initial bet and the size of the initial raise after the initial bet. Changes in these two bets can mean significant changes in strategy. To illustrate, we will use the standard $15-$30 razz game in Las Vegas and a $15-$30 razz game I've played in Reno.
By the structure of the game, we mean principally the ante, the betting limits, and the rules of betting. The structure may deter an average or even an above-average player from sitting down, but it should rarely deter a good player. The good player should be able to adjust his play to suit any structure he happens to confront.
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