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March 1984

The Las Vegas Advisor revealed a fabulous promotion at the Riviera in Las Vegas. On selected tables for limited hours, the casino paid 2:1 on naturals on bets of $1 to $500! Your edge with basic strategy was 1.8%! The pro-motion applied to two six-deck tables only, and only from midnight to 7:00 AM Monday through Thursday. You did not know in advance which tables would be blessed. At 2:00 Am two more tables sometimes were converted over to the special rules. Seats at the promotion tables filled up quickly, and there were customers waiting should a vacancy occur. Sometimes seats were sold by one player to another.

I Am Strong Bet, Hear Me Roar!
Almost without exception the first act of deception any poker player tries in his life is the old "act strong when you're weak or weak when you're strong" play. If you've got a busted flush, you slam your chips into the pot like you've got a royal flush; if you've got four kings, you put your chips in the pot hesitantly, almost apologetically.

When you're new, every trick, even an elementary one like this, seems brilliant and crafty, and it doesn't hurt when the weak players in your early games fall for it.
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