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Masking Your Experience

One problem with having played thousands of hours of Online Blackjack Games is you become adept at handling cards and chips. Picking up your cards quickly helps speed up the game, but it also marks you as a person who has spent a good deal of time with cards in your hand. So try to fumble a bit when picking up your cards. Same with chips. Keep them in stacks, but not neat stacks.

I am trying to break myself of the habit of nonchalantly playing with small stacks of chips. If my fingers playfully interweave two stacks of six chips each to make one stack of twelve chips, anyone who is watching me knows I have had chips in my hands a lot. To that, Don Schlesinger says:

You cannot always look as if you are playing for the first time. Some experienced junket players have played, handled cards and chips for 30 years, and still do not have a clue about the game itself. If bosses would not suspect a chip-interweaving crapshooter, why should they be more suspicious of his counterpart at the black-jack table?

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No Longer a Mere Curiosity
Today, thanks to the concatenation of a few fortunate circumstances, Internet poker is a huge business with dozens of cardrooms operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Almost all of the worrisome questions have been answered to most players' satisfaction and you'll soon learn the answers to those questions, as well as many more.
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