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Maximizing the Player's Options
The other day I was at the Online Blackjack Games table with a dealer who stated flatly that she never gambles.I asked her if she carries collision insurance on her automobile. "Sure!", she replied."Well there you go!", I said."You're betting that you're going to smash up your car and if you don't -- you lose!" Furthermore, I'm sure she wasn't getting good enough odds on her premium to make it a profitable bet.

You see. for insurance companies to remain solvent they need to collect more money in premiums than they pay out in damage claims. That puts the policyholders on the short end of that ever important Basic, Principle of Profitahle Gambling. The sharpies who figure out what kind of odds they're going to lay you are called "actuaries". The insurance companies are the "websiteies". Problem is, that's a bet most people just can't afford not to make! So in that scenario, we give our insurance companies the house edge and carry the protection necessary to guard against disaster.

But in Online Blackjack Games, with enough expertise you don't have to give house an edge. It's actually possible to turn the mathematical tables on them by a very small, but valuable margin. That part comes four or five pages later on in this site. For now, let's briskly move through the basics.
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Selecting and Changing Your Seat
In most clubs, though, a verbal signup list for seat changes is maintained. The first person to request a seat change (by asking the dealer), gets first shot at any seat that opens. In some clubs, seat change opportunities are awarded by seniority: Whoever has been at the table the longest gets first crack at an open seat.
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