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The gallant all-or-nothing o f the gambler, who hates the little when he can not have the much, and would rather stalk from the tables clean picked than suffer ruin to be tickled by driblets of the glorious fortune he has played for and lost." George Meredith, The Egoist A variety of reasonable criteria dictate that the player's optimal bet should be proportional to his advantage on the hand about to be dealt. Practical casino conditions, hoiver, make this impossible. For one thing, a negative wager (equivalent to betting on the house when they have the edge) is not permitted. Also, the discreteness of money and allowable wagers does not coincide with the mathematical ideal of infinitely divisible capital-try betting $2.74 at Caesars Palace! [A,B]

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The Old "I Couldn't (are Less" Play)
In a pig's eye, you will, because actually you were exercising the same skills you practiced in high school when you spent every moment studying the girl or boy of your dreams but had to be sure she or he couldn't notice you were watching.

Sometimes not paying attention means paying very close attention surreptitiously and sometimes it means you're not paying attention. It's a good idea to spend some time carefully studying your opponents on hands in which you have absolutely no interest, because that way, if you study them later when you are interested, they don't know if you're sending another false signal or not. Perhaps more important, if you study someone and he doesn't realize you're studying him (yet another use for your sunglasses), you're more likely to pick up reliable information.
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