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But the major barrier to such perfectly scaled wagering is that it quickly Online Poker Guru Tips off the casino to the player's identity as a card counter. When we first started playing, we religiously ranged my bets according to Epstein's criterion of survival. Going from $1 to $5 to $11 to $2 was not an uncommon pattern for me until we came to realize we was paying a far higher price in casino countermeasures than the theoretical minimization of my ruin probability was worth. (Besides, when the truly degenerate gambler is wiped out of one bank he need only go back to honest work for a few months until he has another.)

in my opinion the entire topic has probably been overworked. The major reason that such heavy stress has been placed on the problem of optimal betting is that it is one of the few which are easily amenable to solution by existing mathematics, rather than because of its practical importance.

Nevertheless, we can gain some insight into the situation by contriving a simplified, variable advantage, compound game which approximates Online Blackjack Games. Suppose Greta Gross and Opie Optimal both are required to bet at least one unit on each play of a game which has a 2% disadvantage 60% of the time, a 2% advantage 30% of the time, and a 6% advantage 10% of the time. The game resembles basic strategy Online Blackjack Games with about 28 cards left in the deck, since for flat bets it is an even game, but every extra unit bet in favorable situations will earn 1.2% of a unit per hand.

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Every Cardroom has a Player Like Tom
Tom comes in at noon and buys in for the minimum, usually one stack, say 20 $5 chips in a $5-$10 game. He starts out playing tight and that's usually enough to win in this game. If he doubles up, he leaves. He might not even stay past the first round. The night players hardly ever see Tom. But if he gets stuck, his play changes and he starts playing a lot of hands. He buys stack after stack and keeps playing.

If anyone in the night crew sees him in the game when they come in to play, they say, "Tom must be stuck; he's still here." Tom stays until he runs out of borrowing ability on his credit card, the game breaks up, he falls asleep, or he gets even. That last is the least likely. When he has a disastrous session like that, the players don't see him for a week or two. Tom wins 90 percent of the time and he's one of the biggest losers in the club.
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