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One more hint: Check out the ceiling.Are there mirrors? If yes, you might be able to count cards at a table 60 feet away.Do not be obvious about it of course; raise your eyes without tilting your head.

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound Of Cure
The deck should be cut also flat on the table and into just two halves. The deck should always be cut. Your rules can perhaps allow an additional shuffle by another player if so requested, and a cut by the player to his right.

Discards should not be scattered all over the table, but placed in a neat pile to the left of the current dealer. No one should be permitted to "play around" with the discards prior to the next dealer gathering and shuffling the cards. If two decks are in play, the second deck should be shuffled by the previous dealer, rather than the next dealer.

If two or three players always seem to take the same positions relative to each other, you might consider taking action to randomize the seating.

Educate your players how to protect their hands (conceal their cards from their neighbor's glance). If you know that someone regularly exposes his cards, tell him about it. You'll be doing him a favor, and in the long run, helping the integrity of your game.
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