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Money Management
Here is the way to increase your bet in a strong table using Ride the Bias. The numbers shown in Table 1 on page 79 represent $10 units and assume a betting unit of $10. For example, three units in the chip stacks would equate to six $5 chips. All numbers shown are units.

Remember to keep the number of chips in each of the three stacks even. As the chip stacks begin to build, the conservative player may wish to take the two left stacks as the win-lock and use the right pile for betting. In this case, the maximum bet would obviously depend on the number of chips in the right stack. The line in Table 1 represents a possible conservative departure from the aggressive Ride the Bias. Beginning at level 6 (6 chips in each stack, with a total of 18 units), the conservative player would regress to a two-unit maximum bet, working off the right stack to make his bets with the left two piles "locked up." Once that right stack is gone, leave the table.

As you win hands, put your winning chips on the left two stacks first, then keep all stacks level. This conservative strategy may trigger a quicker departure, but you’re taking more of your win with you on a lower level of departure.

Readers wanting additional betting tactics can refer to Online Blackjack Games: A Winner's Handwebsite, specifically the Takedown Strategy, a reader favorite.

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The Inside Straight of Poker
Poker is much more a game of cards in limit games than in big bet games (pot-limit and no-limit). In those games, one or two key decisions can make or break your night, or your tournament. Long-term probabilities aren't nearly as important in those situations as are your assessment of how a particular opponent is playing at that particular moment.
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