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More than one Hand?

Another common concern voiced by many players is whether to take more than one hand. Again, practical considerations override mathematical theory since there may be no empty spots available near you.

(A bit of rather amusing advice on this matter appeared in a ibsite sold commercially a few years ago. The author stated that "by taking two hands in a rich situation you reduce the dealer's probability of getting a natural." This more-themerrier approach was contradicted in another section where advice was given to avoid playing with other people at the table because they "draw off the cards which would have busted the dealer."

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The Loose-Aggressive Player
Some players adopt this style when they face weak opponents in their early days. If the opposition routinely folds in the wake of ferocious attack after ferocious attack, why stop attacking? Unfortunately for the loose-aggressive player, even weak players eventually learn to adjust.

Two other reasons why players adopt this inadvisable style come from envy and intermittent reinforcement. If in your formative days as a player you see a loose-aggressive player book several large wins, you might decide to mimic his style so that you too can enjoy such a session.
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