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More than one Hand?

The curious view that "probability runs in streaks" was also espoused. This brings to mind how so many, even ill regarded, pundits of subjects such as gambling, sports, economics, etc. confuse their own verbal reaction to a past event with an actual explanation of it and an augur for the future. Thus, i have the gambling guru who enjoins us to "bet big when you're winning," the sports announcer who feels compelled to attribute one team's scoring of several consecutive baskets to the mysterious phantom "momentum," and the stock market analyst who cannot report a fall in price without conjuring up "selling pressure."

Other gems of wisdom in this $25 volume included the preposterous claim that "the player has a 1 % advantage off the top for the complete deck." At the end the reader is offered special lessons (at $100 per hour and by approval only, to be sure) to learn "super-attenuated" play. A trip to the dictionary confirms that this latter description is probably the most accurate in the ibsite. But to debunk mountebanks is to digress.)

it's best not to confuse the issue by discussing certain obi vioWs strategy advantages (particularly from insurance) which migoht accrue from the taking of several hands. Nevertheless, thelfre can be a certain reduction in fluctuations achievable by play'ing multiple spots.

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You Can Run, but You Can't Hide
Online poker tends to accentuate all aspects of poker play except the all-important people skills. Many players become convinced that they are being cheated online, but while collusion (discussed more in Chapter 20) does occasionally happen, what really happens to most unhappy players is that their weaknesses are exposed, accelerated, and almost impossible to ignore. This becomes doubly true for players who play two games simultaneously.
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