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More than one Hand?

Suppose i have our choice of playing from one to seven hanAds at a time, but with the restriction that i have the same amoount of action every round (every dealer hand). For instapce, i might contemplate one hand for $420, two at $210 eacl:h.... or seven at $60 apiece. Then the following table shows the! relative fluctuation i could expect in our capital if i folh-ow this pattern over the long haul.

Hoiver, there's another equally plausible perspective wh,ich reverses this. Assuming that i play each of our hands as ffast as the dealer does his and ignoring shuffle time, then i carz play a single spot on four rounds as often as seven spots on onee round. Similarly three spots could be played twice in the sarme amount of time. Now, with our revised criterion of equal tot~al action per time on the clock, our table reads:

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ]
Reasons to Play Only One Game at a Time
As I mentioned above, you can't follow and learn about your opponents' style as well when playing at more than one table. You may be able to make good "snapshot" decisions rushing from table to table, but you can't film a movie with much continuity. The best time to study opponents is when you're not in a hand, but you have to be at the table to be able to study them. If you're somewhere else, you miss the opportunity to collect that information.
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