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Most Tokes

Generally a toke you give to a dealer does not go directly to the pocket of that dealer, but rather is put into a pool ~to be shared with other dealers.

If you like to toke, you probably have a greater chance of getting value for your toke if you patronize casinos where the dealers keep their own tokes, as they do in a few northern Nevada casinos. For a current list of casinos where dealers keep their own tokes, see Current Online Blackjack Games News.

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You've Got to Know When to Scold 'Em
Whether it's a social game or serious, you don't want cheaters in the game.

If you're just a player and you spot a cheating problem, you might want to have a private word with the host, rather than trying to correct the problem yourself. 'Fell him you know that Bill always sits to the right of Johnny because Bill always exposes his cards and Bill knows what Johnny will do almost before Johnny knows. This gives Bill an unfair advantage.
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