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More than one Hand?

As i see with so many blackjack questions the ansir deyends on what qualifications are attached. Of course, all this igpores the fact that taking more hands requires more cards an,d might trigger shuffle up on the dealer's part if he didn't think there ire enough cards to complete the round. Or, sometimes there would be enough cards to deal once to two spots but not twice to one spot. One rarely knows in advance precisely what the dealer will do.[E.F]

Few casinos will deal more than two rounds if five spots are being played, but when it happens it can be very unfavorable, ironically despite the fact i're getting deeper into the deck. it's been my observation that when this third round is dealt to five players it's almost always because the first two rounds used very few (and predominantly high) cards; hence the remainder of the deck is likely to be composed primarily of low ones. This practical example, which i've witnessed more than i should have, is related to the effect of a fixed shuffle point which is of interest to blackjack simulators and discussed in the chapter appendix.[G]

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Sometimes the only weakness I can discern in opponents is that they will never check-raise bluff. Even this relatively small flaw gives me an edge. Knowing that these opponents always have good hands allows me to fold hands I might otherwise have called with when I do get check-raised. Anytime I can do this I save money, and these savings add up in the long run. Other players will never make any kind of bluffs raise; against them I can save even more money since I always know they have good hands when they raise.
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