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Multiparameter Card

than that of the ace, the most important uncounted card. it therefore seems reasonable to regard an excess ace in the deck as meriting a temporary readjustment of the running count (for betting purposes only) by plus one point. Similarly, a deficient ace should produce a deduction (temporary, again) of one point.

As an example, suppose there are 39 cards remaining, a + 1 count, but only one ace left. Should i regard the deck as favorable? ill, i're shy two aces since the expected distribution is three in 39 cards; therefore i deduct two points to give ourselves a temporary running count of -1 and regard the deck as probably disadvantageous. in like fashion, with a count of - i but all four aces remaining in the last 26 cards i would presume an advantage on the basis of a +1 adjusted running count. it can be shown by the mathematics in the appendix that the net effect of this sort of activity will be to increase the system's betting correlation from .88 to .96.[A]

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Online Etiquette
You don't have to worry about blowing smoke in someone's face online or about spilling your drink on the table. There are still a few points of etiquette that online players should observe. Failure to observe some of them is merely boorish, while failure to observe certain others can result in penalties as severe as a loss of playing privileges.

The first rule is to play reasonably quickly. Even though almost all Internet cardrooms give you at least 20 seconds to act on your hand, you don't need that long for most decisions. If you consistently slow the game down, you may find that the players you most want at the table-the action gamblers-get up and leave.
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