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Not re-Splitting
Suppose you have a pair of 8's against a dealer's 10 up. You hate your hand, but grit your teeth, put another bet out there and split. Now you catch a third 8! What should you do? Well, every time you split and "re-pair", you have the same situation you faced a second ago. You can either play a new total of 16 or convert it into two more 8's. If breaking up the first two 8's was the most cost-efficient play, then splitting this new pair is the best move again! You may not like the revolting situation you've fallen into, but like it or not you're in it -- and re-splitting is always the best way out.
That'll work in your favor sometimes too, like when you split two 9's against a 6 for example. The more 9's you catch here, the better you like it! Never moan to yourself thinking, "Oh no, not another one!" You should be so lucky as to have 9 against a 6 on every hand for the rest of your life! Fire those chips out there!
The Best of Times
Acceding to a request for one round usually leads to several extra rounds, one extra hour becomes two, and soon people who have to be at work the next morning or have family obligations find themselves playing all night and then not returning the following week-sometimes as a result of instructions from a disturbed significant other. If everyone wants to play till 4 A.M., fine, but the winners shouldn't feel bullied or obligated by the losers.
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