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November 1980

Three Nevada casinos introduced particularly liberal double exposure. The three were Orbit Inn in Las Vegas, King's Inn in Reno, and King of Clubs in Sparks.

King's Inn paid 3:2 on naturals at its double-exposure game, giving you an edge of 1.7% with basic strategy if you could split unlike 10-count cards (such as jack-king), and 1.5% if you could not split unlike 10s. Some dealers allowed splitting of unlike 10s and some did not allow it. The rest of the details were: five decks, the dealer hit soft seventeen, natural against natural was a push, you could double down on any first two cards, no resplits, and you got paid 2:1 for 6-7-8 suited and 7-7-7. The maximum bet was $100.

King of Clubs dealt double exposure with two decks. Naturals paid 3:2 but lost if tied by the dealer's natural, resplits were allowed to make up to four hands, and double down was restricted to ten or eleven. The dealer hit soft seventeen. Your edge with basic strategy was 0.4%. The maximum bet allowed was $200.

Orbit Inn offered a table of particularly liberal double exposure on day shift Saturdays - no other shift and no other day of the week. Naturals won 3:2 and won even if tied, and no resplits. The dealer hit soft seventeen. Six decks were used. The maximum was only $50, but basic strategy gave you an edge of 2.1%.

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Bad Reasons to Change Your Seat
Unless you are trying to convince the other players that you're a superstitious weak player, the worst reason to change your seat is because you think an abandoned seat is "hot." Cards are not drawn to seats like metal to magnets.

Similarly, losing several hands in a row is not reason enough to change seats, especially if you're positioned properly against weak and strong players. If someone tells you "You're sitting in the death seat, no one has won a hand there all day," that's not by itself reason to change. It may be that the existing players are trying to intimidate you. Such a warning should, though, alert you to table dynamics that might be making a seat a tough one.
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