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October 1985

Here is a spectacular game discovered by Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor.

Mint in Las Vegas had signs over a few of its black-jack tables. The signs over six-deck shoes promised 2:1 on ace-king of diamonds. This was worth.04 % - not enough to make six decks attractive.

One single-deck table had signs over it, and they offered 3:2 payoff on five-card hands under twenty-one! Most dealers paid the 3:2 for five-card twenty-ones also. You had a 1.9% edge over the casino with only the appropriate basic strategy

The table had only five spots. The maximum bet was $500. However, pit bosses on day shift got excited by bets of $50 or more; they pressured the dealers to win, and sometimes ordered a shuffle after every round. Swing shift bosses were much more comfortable with big bets; if you showed them a good act, they would give you at least two rounds per shuffle and no heat. The game generally was closed on graveyard (2 AM to 10 AM); but if someone was betting big when 2 AM rolled around, the game would be kept open as long as that player stayed.

Don't Play Shorts Tacked
There are few lost poker opportunities as easily avoided as the player who loses all but a few chips on one hand and says to himself, "I'll buy more chips as soon as I lose these." He immediately catches terrific cards and beats a good hand, but he doesn't win very much because he didn't start with many chips. The only real advantage to playing short-stacked is that you can't lose a lot in one hand, but that's a flawed approach. If you have a lot of chips in front of you, you can choose to keep them safe by folding, but you can't choose to win a lot when you own a short stack.
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