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Card Counting System

Suppose you're playing in a casino that uses all 52 cards, as the Nevada Club in Reno used to. You have the usual 16 against the dealer's ubiquitous Ten. i consider three different sets of remaining cards.

Unplayed Residue
Favorability of Hitting over Standing

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Poker Is Both a Money Game and a Social Game
Among the non financial reasons people play poker are:

Social bonding. Time with your friends, or people you hope to become friendly with.

- Adrenaline rush. Some people get a thrill out of gambling, win or lose. Although the pure gamblers tend to play other games, because they lose too quickly at poker, you still find them here.

- Ego. Poker presents terrific opportunities to get an ego boost. When a player wins, he can claim (to himself and/or to others) that it was skill; when he loses, he can blame the cards, even if his play was actually the true reason he lost.

- Analytical opportunity. Some people enjoy solving riddles, puzzles, or mysteries. Poker has elements of each of these, and many people enjoy it just as an intellectual exercise.
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